Executive Training

Training on retail leasing, lease negotiation theory and strategic leasing management, with the Executive Retail Leasing & Negotiation Training Program.

This program is specifically tailored to your lease training requirements and will equip you and your team with knowledge to actively engage, manage and achieve the best possible lease terms and conditions.


  • Identify your true negtiation position
  • Store roll out – strategy and planning
  • Retail Leases Act
  • Tips and tranps in leases
  • IFRS/AASB 16
  • Background research prior to negotiation
  • Understand the leasing executive
  • Portfolio deals – theory and practice
  • BATNA: best attendance to negotiate agreement
  • Negotiation theory – The Art of the Deal

Role Play

  • Negotiation Workshop with a Leasing Executive
  • Negotiation Workshop with a Senior Leasing Executive
  • Conducting Portfolio Reviews

Your Tailored Program Includes:

  • Training for up to 5 members of your team
  • 4-5 hours including role play and questions
  • Take-away course material and case studies
  • Training will take place in a location that is convenient to your team.
  • Certificate of completion for each team member


“You most likely are doing it all wrong if you have not attended the Lease Negotiations and Portfolio Management Workshop by Simon from leasing information systems! If you care about mitigating risk on your investment and giving your business the best chance to retain its hard-earned profits this workshop will provide you with the tools required for successful leasing outcomes. I thoroughly recommend you complete the workshop before your next negotiation!” – Ms Rachel Bessis, Marketing Development Manager- “Swarovski Australia”