At IPS Consultants, we take all reasonable steps to protect personal information. This Privacy Policy details how we handle personal information. Under the Privacy Act ‘Personal information’ is an expression which has a defined meaning. It is information which can be used to identify an individual.

We are committed to complying with The Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012 (Privacy Amendment Act) as it relates to our business. The amended Act commenced on 12 March 2014. The Privacy Regulation 2013, made under the Privacy Act, also commenced on 12 March 2014.

IPS Consultants has taken the provision of ensuring that personal information relating to retail-lease records are not displayed on our website so that individuals’ identity cannot be determined. This does not apply to companies or trading names.

IPS Consultants may retrieve personal information gathered on this site either by your direct actions (for example by filling out an online form on this site) or indirectly (through use of various web technologies such as cookies).

When directly providing us with personal information, this information will be retained only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information was collected or as required by law. We do not share personal information with third parties, except as necessary to carry out our business or as required by law. If information is to be shared with a third party we will ask you for permission before you submit this information. We will never sell your personal information.

Indirect information may be gathered through the use of “cookies”. Cookies are small text files placed on your computer when you first visit the site. Many browsers recognise when a cookie is offered and permit you to refuse or accept it. Cookies are primarily used to enhance your online experience and are not used to track the navigational habits of identified visitors, unless we obtain your permission to do so. They are generally used to help enhance and personalise your experience while using the Leasing Information Systems site, and any information we may gather using this method is generally for statistical purposes only.

You are entitled to know whether we hold information about you and, if we do, to have access to that information and require it to be corrected if it is inaccurate. You can do this by contacting IPS Consultants at

IPS Consultants is committed to ensuring the security of our websites, and we incorporate security practices and procedures which we consider are consistent with Australian industries standards. We review our security procedures from time to time and update them when relevant. All orders placed online using a credit card are covered by SSL security technology to protect customer details.

If you provide us with your credit card details for payment of products and services, we will only use that information for the purpose of processing your payment, which includes disclosing the information to our third party credit card gateway provider. We may retain a record of the last four digits of your credit card number for auditing and verification purposes only.

The contents of this statement are subject to change and are not intended to create a contract between IPS Consultants and any individual or company visiting the site or who provides us with their personal information.

If you wish to make a complaint or have an inquiry about this policy, please contact us by email at